New Jersey State Trooper Killed Today

New Jersey State Trooper Marc Castellano was killed today after being hit by a car in a westbound lane of Interstate 195 in Howell around 10 a.m. At the time, he was assisting in the search for two people who had reportedly abandoned a vehicle.

The driver of the abandoned auto, 30-year-old Diana Hoffman of Blackwood, was later found hiding nearby in the woods and was taken into custody. Hoffman told police that a man was riding with her, and dozens of troopers, local police, and other law enforcement personnel spent hours searching for him using helicopters and several K-9 units. However, as of tonight, State Police said they were questioning the truthfulness of her statements, and charges against her were now pending.

According to State Police, Hoffman’s vehicle was not the same one that struck Castellano, though they would not provide any information about that car or the precise circumstances of the incident.

Trooper Castellano, 29, was a married father of two young children. He had been a trooper for five years.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had visited the hospital earlier today where Castellano had been rushed and met with Castellano’s family, as did State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes.


2 thoughts on “New Jersey State Trooper Killed Today”

  1. God Bless Trooper Castellanos’ family , friends and fellow officers at this time. As a PROUD sister of a retired NJ State Trooper, and a retired Howll Township Detective I grew up knowing so many of New Jersys’ finest. Both SP and Howell police. After reading some of the comments left on different paper, I could not understand why people have to be so hateful.
    Yes, there are always going to be bad “seeds”, but how can some people make such ugly comments. People put the police down all the time, but who do they call when they need help? ITS NOT THE GHOST BUSTERS!!!!!!! So yes if you have such hatred for some, its your right to talk about it. But to put your comment where all can read it is a bit much.
    Of course there are many out there saying that I have relatives that where Officers, so I am going to be partial. Not the case….anyway, May God bring peace to all that knew Trooper Castellano and his family, friends and fellowOfficers…

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