[ARTICLE] Here’s to Using Your Head: Tracking Down a Stolen Laptop

Check out this funny personal story of a Detroit native who with some gumption and quick-thinking, quickly tracked down his stolen Apple laptop.  The laptop had a “Locate My Computer” function, which he used, but that only brought him to the approximate location on the map where his computer was located.  From there, the victim was able to remotely identify any new files the thief had uploaded to his computer since the theft, and he found the thief had conveniently uploaded photos of the thief’s own vehicle, as it was parked in the thief’s driveway.  The victim was then able to identify the house in the background of the photos using Google’s StreetView feature, and so now he had the address where his stolen laptop was located.  The victim then noticed a For Sale sign on the vehicle in one of the photos and logically figured the thief had taken the photos to upload onto Craig’s List.  He found a post with the same photos of the vehicle advertising it for sale, and from it got the thief’s telephone number, in addition to the address he already found.

The victim provided this information to a Detroit police detective already assigned to the case… and in a few days the detective had raided the house and recovered not only the computer equipment but also a pile of drugs the thief had kept in the house.

Here’s to not sitting by and giving up when your sh*t gets jacked!

How Tracking Down My Stolen Computer Triggered a Drug Bust [via Make]