[MAPS] Track Someone (With their Permission) For Free

Track on the Map is a Google Maps based website that allows users to quickly and easily share their real-time movements via their cell phone. This can be a useful tool for quickly and cheaply tracking a person’s movements, with their knowledge (e.g. parents who want to be able to track their children, or police agencies that want to track an informant’s movements for his/her own protection).

To use the service, the website must first be viewed with a GPS-enabled device, such as a smart phone, belonging to the person to be tracked. Create a user name, select an appropriate icon, and hit Track Me Now. That’s it, and no software needs to be downloaded. The target’s real-time position can then be tracked on the website via their username. Note that anyone who visits the website will be able to see the target’s location, so it is recommended to use a random call sign to represent them rather than their actual name. By the same token, since at this time the service is a wholly public site with no private tracking capability, it is a similarly good idea to not publicize your use of the site to track someone, lest someone else starts using the site to track them, too.