Grappler Police Bumper Fires Lasso to End Vehicle Pursuits

This is an interesting concept tool to help bring police vehicle pursuits to a quick end. (It might have been helpful to end the longest police pursuit ever, clocking in at over 600 miles of driving).  It’s a grappler police bumper that fires out a lasso that ties up one of the pursued vehicle’s back tires.  An alternative for when the PIT maneuver is not possible or there isn’t enough time to lay down spikes on the road ahead.  It’s also possible to release the lasso – but still leaving it tied to the tire – when it’s smarter for the two vehicles to not remain connected, such as in high speeds.  An interesting concept and alternative option but it’s not clear from the Peoria, AZ company’s website if it’s available for immediate purchase or still a prototype.  Hit the jump for a promotional video.

Grappler Police Bumper [via source]