Just In Case Bras for Concealed Weapons or Pepper Spray

Booby Trap Bras offer sports bras and other activewear, called the Just In Case line, that allow the wearer to pull a concealed knife or pepper spray, in the event they ever find themselves needing to use it.  The company was reportedly launched by a Texas woman who says she was once attacked while jogging.  She managed to get away, but the incident propelled her to start the self-defense focused clothing line.

The Just In Case Knife Bra is a sports bra with a little pouch in the front that neatly fits a 3-inch blade.

It now retails for $55, with the knife sold separately.

For women who aren’t comfortable with knives, there’s the Just In Case Pepper Spray bra available for $50.

The company reportedly also offers an option for men in the form of a compression sleeve that can fit a phone and a knife.  It would probably be best for potential buyers to first research the local laws in their state/region to confirm any concealed items can be lawfully possessed and used.  Hit the jump for a video of an interview with the owner and creator demonstrating her defensive undergarment.

Texas woman launches ‘booby trap’ sports bra that hides a knife after man attacks her during run [via NY Daily News]