pa·trol log : a written document preserving knowledge of the facts and events that occur over a law enforcement officer’s shift

A blog dedicated to all things nifty and cool, with an eye towards law enforcement and national security (nothing classified) as well as the occasional posts on scientific discovery and exploration, if it’s really cool. And once in a while, we may even write something thought-provoking, as long as it’s helpful to the general public or to the law enforcement community.

This is old. Why did you post about it?
Probably because we’re not as cool as you.

Can I link to Patrol Log?
By all means. Don’t even bother asking.

Do I need to give my email address when commenting?
Yes, but it will always be kept private and never shown or sold. You can even put a fake one if you’re into that sort of thing.

Can I buy any of the gadgets shown on Patrol Log?
Unfortunately, no, you can’t. At least not from us. We might point you in the right direction, but we don’t sell anything directly from the site.

How do I contact Patrol Log regarding feedback, news tips, corrections, or advertising requests?
Email us direct at PATROL-dot-LOG-at-GMAIL-dot-COM.

Patrol-Log.com was launched on February 4, 2010.