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Craziest Weapons People Have Tried to Take Through Airport Security

So it turns out the TSA documents some of the weapons, fake weapons, and other prohibited items it takes off people passing through airport security and posts them on the agency’s Instagram account.  With more than 650,000 followers, Rolling Stone has ranked it as the fourth best account on Instagram.  (Clicking on each of the photos below will take you straight to how it appears on Instagram).

#TSATravelTips – Don’t pack your homemade replica suicide vest. The traveler who packed this vest in his checked bag at Richmond (RIC) stated it was a prop intended for use in a live-action role-playing game (LARP). TSA explosives experts raced to the checked baggage room and the airport police were called immediately. Fortunately, the explosives experts determined the vest posed no danger. It has yet to be determined if the officer who searched the bag needed a change of clothing.


This 4-bladed throwing star was discovered in a carry-on bag at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). These must be packed in your checked bags. Sorry Prince Colwyn. #Krull


Is this some kind of confangled rotisserie contraption for turkeys? Nope. These are Sai. If you’re a #TeenageMutantTurtle fan, you’ll know the Sai as Raphael’s weapon or choice. If you still have no clue, a Sai is a weapon used for striking, bludgeoning and punctures. Whatever it is you use them for, please know they must be packed in checked baggage. These were discovered in a carry-on bag at Boise (BOI). #TheMoreYouKnow


While about to receive a pat-down after opting out of body scanner screening, a Chicago O’Hare (ORD) traveler remembered that he had a throwing knife necklace under his shirt. All knives are prohibited and concealed knives can lead to fines and arrest. #TSAGoodCatch

Hit the jump for more crazy photos.
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Darkly Creative Public Service Announcement: Text and Drive Billboard


Fake funeral home advertises with ‘text and drive’ billboards [via The Miami Herald]

Woman Tries To Sneak Inmate Out in Suitcase

Antonieta Robles Souda, 25, allegedly tried to smuggle her boyfriend José Antonio Anzoátegui out of the Puente Ayala prison in Barcelona, Venezuela in a suitcase. This seems to be attempted every so often, as another woman also unsuccessfully tried sneaking her husband out of a Mexican prison hidden in a suitcase a few years ago.  José is serving 9 years and 8 months for car theft.  Souda was reportedly allowed to bring the suitcase in for an overnight stay, which is not uncommon at the prison.

Their plan seemed to go smoothly as the woman carrying the bright pink luggage didn’t make the guards suspicious at all, but it all cam crashing down when they eventually noticed the petite woman struggling to pull the seemingly light suitcase out the door. They stopped Antonieta and asked her to open the suitcase so they could check its contents. Left with no option but to comply with the guards’ demand, the woman unzipped the baggage to reveal young José Antonio curled up like a professional contortionist and covered with various clothing items. They provided a poor cover, though.

If only Souda were as strong as her boyfriend is flexible.  Hit the jump for a close-up.

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U.S. Customs Top 20 Seizures of 2016

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently shared its top 20 confiscations of 2016, posting images of the creative ways smugglers have attempted to transport illegal products – not just drugs – across the border.  Our favorite?  Fake carrots stuffed with marijuana.

In January 2016, CBP in Texas intercepted 2,493 pounds of suspected marijuana concealed in a commercial shipment of fresh carrots. Officers seized 2,817 carrot-shaped packages of alleged marijuana which carry an estimated street value of $499,000.

Hit the jump below for some more crazy photos of tortillas stuffed with meth, coconuts filled with weed, and an entire roasted pig someone tried to get pass customs .

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Quite Possibly the Worst Shoplifter in the World

This thief tried to shoplift a 7 ft. long set of Venetian blinds from a Great Britain store by hiding it under his hooded jacket and down his pants.  Suffice it to say, he was followed by store security as he attempted to walk out, at which point he dropped the blinds and took off running.

CCTV captures ‘shoplifter’s’ hilarious attempt to ‘hide Venetian blind by stuffing it down back of his jacket’ [via The Mirror]

Bar Promotes “Ask for Angela” to Get Out of an Unsafe Situation

Bars in Lincolnshire, England recently ran a campaign that has since received worldwide attention in which patrons who felt they were in an unsafe situation (such as on a first date where they had concerns about the person they have just met) could go up to the bar counter and “ask for Angela.”  This would be the bar tender’s signal to call them a cab or otherwise discretely help them.

‘Ask for Angela’ campaign gets global attention [via BBC]

A Little Bit of History: The Story Behind The Runaway

Norman Rockefeller’s The Runaway can be seen hanging in police departments around the country.  The painting captures the heart of small-town America and is perhaps the most iconic depiction of a police officer in art.  In the center is a boy who is on the verge of going down the wrong path, apparently intent on running away from home, but surrounded by guardians who are there to protect him (the police officer on the left, the diner owner in front, and based on the empty cup of coffee sitting on the counter to the boy’s right, likely another good neighbor who recently departed.  The painting is based on an actual photograph carefully arranged by Rockwell, with subjects Massachusetts State Trooper Richard J. Clemens and 8-year-old Eddie Locke.

To underscore the lad’s meager possessions, Rockwell placed a handkerchief on a stick beneath the stool. For about an hour, Clemens and Locke sat as still as they could while the maestro adjusted their postures (“Keep one arm extended”) and expressions (“Look this way and that”). “I was a little kid, but he made it easy on me,” says Locke, 59, a landscaper and maintenance worker in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Norman Rockwell’s Neighborhood [via Smithsonian]

Fugitive Sends Selfie to Police Because He Doesn’t Like his Wanted Photo, Subsequently Captured

An Ohio man wanted for failing to appear in court on a DUI charge sent police a selfie after deciding he didn’t like the booking photos of him posted online by police to assist in his capture. He apparently sent a photo of himself behind the wheel with a cool looking pair of sunglasses, complete with the caption, “Here is a better photo that one is terrible.”

Police responded by putting his selfie online on Facebook as well, noting, “This photo was sent to us by Mr. Pugh himself. We thank him for being helpful, but now we would appreciate it if he would come speak to us at the LPD about his charges.”

Mr. Pugh was subsequently arrested in Florida.

Ohio fugitive who sent police a selfie is arrested [via CNN]

Can You Tell Which Drugs Someone Is On By Looking At Their Eyes?

The short answer is – no.  At best, you can get some clues on whether they *might* be high on drugs of some kind, but it’s far from definitive and would simply be an indication to run some more tests.   For example, cocaine, marijuana, and amphetamines cause the pupils to dilate, while opiates such as heroin constrict the pupils.  Hit the jump for photos of drug users’ eyes while they were high on cocaine, marijuana, and ketamine, respectively.

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Bad Santas Brawl and Steal Liquor

SantaCon has come to be an annual nation-wide December pub crawl with participants – men and women – dressed up in full Santa costume.  However, the event has become notoriously rowdy in recent years, especially in New York City.  Apparently the bad behavior was at its worst at an East Village bar that says a group of “a hundred” partying Santas looted all their booze, smashed bottles, and generally wrecked the place. They estimated $5,000 worth of damage was done.  No arrests were made, although over the course of the day in the city NYPD issued over 100 summonses for disorderly conduct.

SantaCon idiots invade neighborhood pub, destroy glassware and steal liquor [via NY Dail News]