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Drinking in the Wash Room Made Easy

Having one of these in your washroom may be as clear a sign as any that you have a drinking problem… but heck, life is short and it’s your house.  The His and Hers Toilet Paper Holder for Beverages is available from Easy for $20.  To keep the option open to have a drink  while engaging in all of your bathroom activities, for less than $14 you can also get the Shower Beer Beverage Holder.

Use Google Images to Protect Against Craigslist Scams

If you’re ever interested in buying electronics such as phones or cameras off Craigslist, it can’t hurt to use Google’s search by image option before actually agreeing to the meet/purchase.  This is simply a matter of copying and pasting the Craigslist image URL into Google Images (Google also allows you to upload the actual image file if you’ve already downloaded it to your computer) and then hitting the search by image option, which as of today is represented by the little image of a camera at the end of the Google Images search field.

This will at least allow you to see if the product image in the Craigslist ad has simply been copied off the Internet.  If that’s the case, the seller may be trying to lure you into a meeting for other purposes (robbery, etc.). Of course, it’s entirely possible it’s a legitimate seller who just pulled a photo of the product off the Internet rather than actually take a photo of it, but since virtually all cell phones have cameras now, it’s easy (and probably more logical) for a seller to take a quick snap of the actual stuff for sale.  In that case, ask the seller for a photo of the real item you’ll be buying.

Tostitos Bag Can Test if You’ve Been Drinking and Can Get You an Uber

Here’s an interesting, though gimmicky ad campaign that’s arrived just in time for the Super Bowl.  Tostitos has created a limited edition bag that can tell if you’ve been drinking.  The bag turns green if you’re in the clear, otherwise if it detects alcohol on your breath, it will turn red with the message, “Don’t drink and drive.”  It will then also display a promo code good for $10 off an Uber, complete with near field technology to let you tap your phone to the bag call the Uber if you’re really that hammered.  (Now that’s actually pretty cool).  The catch is the bag cannot detect your level of intoxication, just that you’ve been drinking, so it’s really not a substitute for a breathalyzer or, more simply, just keeping track of how many drinks you’ve had.  Hit the jump for a somewhat overly dramatic promotional video for the Tostitos Party Safe bag (yes, that’s really what it’s called).

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Developer Says $3 Million Kansas Doomsday Bunkers Are Sold Out

This is part of a trend of doomsday shelters coming back in style we have previously posted on.  In this case, if you’re willing to go to Kansas, for $3 million you could have a fully loaded bunker converted from a nuclear missile silo. In fact, you’re already too late, as in a recent CNN interview developer Larry Hall of Survival Condo explained the units are sold out.

Hall describes the units as a “miniature cruise ship,” complete with amenities including a rock wall, game arcade, library, movie theater, and full bar and lounge. As he put it, “It’s got everything you need to spread out and maintain some semblance of normal when things outside are anything but normal.”

Survival Condo’s website bills the silos as consisting of 20,000 square foot of floor space with a water supply holding at least 75,000 gallons of water, “redundant” air filtration including nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) filtration, and other features.  The bunkers are pre-stocked with five years worth of food per person, have biometric keyless access, and best of all, there’s an in unit washer and dryer!

When asked by the CNN host if a disaster were to actually happen, how could an owner of one of these units actually get to Kansas? Hall replies by either driving or flying, and that most of his customers already own armored vehicles that can go 2,500 miles without needing to refuel.  Talk about some serious prepping.

Hit the jump for an admittedly impressive five-minute promotional video on the company’s line of luxury doomsday bunkers, for riding out the apocalypse with your feet up while you Netflix and chill.

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Just In Case Bras for Concealed Weapons or Pepper Spray

Booby Trap Bras offer sports bras and other activewear, called the Just In Case line, that allow the wearer to pull a concealed knife or pepper spray, in the event they ever find themselves needing to use it.  The company was reportedly launched by a Texas woman who says she was once attacked while jogging.  She managed to get away, but the incident propelled her to start the self-defense focused clothing line.

The Just In Case Knife Bra is a sports bra with a little pouch in the front that neatly fits a 3-inch blade.

It now retails for $55, with the knife sold separately.

For women who aren’t comfortable with knives, there’s the Just In Case Pepper Spray bra available for $50.

The company reportedly also offers an option for men in the form of a compression sleeve that can fit a phone and a knife.  It would probably be best for potential buyers to first research the local laws in their state/region to confirm any concealed items can be lawfully possessed and used.  Hit the jump for a video of an interview with the owner and creator demonstrating her defensive undergarment. Continue reading Just In Case Bras for Concealed Weapons or Pepper Spray

New Gadget Claims To Measure Blood Alcohol Content Through Your Skin

A new accessory, not yet available for purchase but apparently coming soon, claims it can measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) through your skin and can give you an immediate readout of your current level of inebriation. BACtrack Skyn is expected to be sold in both stand-alone and Apple watch accessory versions. The product bills itself as being able to give you a notification when your blood alcohol level reaches a certain pre-set point to remind you to slow down or stop drinking. No need to blow into a portable breathalyzer, which appears to be the company’s bread and butter based on their website’s list of currently available products. Hit the jump for a video of the CEO explaining the history of his company and what their new product is all about.

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The Coffee that is 80 Times Stronger Than Expresso

An Adelaide, Australia, cafe is serving the “Asskicker,” a coffee concotion that is purported to contain 80 times as much caffeine as expresso (5 GRAMS of caffeine vs 63 mg in expresso).  The drink is so strong it is meant to be sipped over three to four hours – any faster, and you risk experiencing shakes and sweats, stammering over your words, vertigo, and nausea.  If not even worse side effects.

The barista, who opened his cafe a year and a half ago after a career in the Australian Navy, said the turbo coffee has become very popular in recent weeks. However, he actively discourages customers interested only in a gimmick, and advertises it with a warning for those with high blood pressure or heart conditions. “I have a quite detailed talk with people before they actually purchase one. If I can talk someone out of it, they’re not ready for the drink,” said Bennington.

It was first developed for an emergency room nurse, though the current brew is a toned down version of the original.  The Asskicker goes for around $12 ($16 AUD) for a 16 oz cup of caffeinated heaven.

Coffee 80 times stronger than espresso could keep you up for 18 hours [via CNN]

Bulletproof Bags and Clothing

A number of companies are out there that promote bulletproof consumer goods.  These can range from stylish attire that doesn’t scream “ballistic vest” – President Barack Obama was rumored to have worn such a bulletproof suit to his inauguration before his first term – to briefcases and bags that are supposedly explosive proof.  British firmTerrapin Technology has a new line of briefcases and bags it says protects against shrapnel from a bomb blast.  Other products that have come to the market in an era of terrorism fears include bullet resistant backpacks for high school students, ball caps and school whiteboards.

Bulletproof bags on sale to give nervous travellers peace of mind [via The Telegraph] and Bulletproof backpacks for kids? Here are 10 sick products you can buy in America — thanks to the NRA [via RawStory]


New York College Students Find $40,000 in Couch and Return Money to Owner

Should-Have-Kept-the-MoneySo there are honest people still left in the world. Now making the rounds is this story of three SUNY college roommates found $40,800 in cash stuffed in a couch they bought from a Salvation Army thrift shop. (They reportedly starting looking through the cushions after finding the couch weirdly lumpy and uncomfortable). At first they cheered their luck for winning the lottery, but when they also found a deposit slip in the couch, they decided to track down the rightful owner. It turned out to be a 91-year-old woman whose (a little overly eager?) children had donated the couch to the Salvation Army when she had been hospitalized with health problems. To reward their honesty, the woman reportedly gave the trio $1,000.

New York roommates find $40,000 in sofa and return cash to owner [via The Guardian]

Tactically Sound: Bowen Belt Knife


The Bowen Belt Company makes some handy knives that can be stored unnoticed as a fully functional part of your belt. The knife can be quickly detached from the belt in the event you encounter a threat situation. Fashionable yet tactically sound… and the handle end even works as a bottle opener (not a bad conversation piece for your next barbecue). Note: Beware of your respective state’s laws regarding the use of such knives.