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Fake Netflix App Can Take Photos/Video of You, Listen in on Calls, and Spy on Your Texts

Yet one more reason to never download apps onto your Android device from an unofficial store.  Always use the official Google Play store.  A fake Netflix app, only available via third party, non-official sources, has been found to be capable of accessing the phone’s camera, microphone, and text messages.  Once installed and accessed, the fake Netflix app disappears, but in reality is running in the background, allowing the hacker to take control of your phone and even upload files from your device.  The app is actually a new version of the SpyNote Remote Access Trojan (RAT), which was discovered last year, but with a Netflix face to it to disguise its true malicious intent.

In particular, users are told to avoid downloading games that have not yet been officially released on Android devices, noting that Android users have been tricked into downloading malware disguised as the popular SuperMarioRun game, which to date has been released only for IoS users.

Beware! Fake Netflix app lets perverted hackers secretly snap nude photos of you and spy on your conversations [via Daily Mail] and Android Malware poses as Netflix app [via The Stack]

Home Alone with Blood

What would scenes of Kevin getting the best of the burglars from Home Alone be like if they also had a healthy amount of blood spatter?  A brilliant amateur special effects wizard took the time to make it so.  The newly edited scenes are actually kind of cool, although it’s a twisted thing to admit.

Hit the jump for three more blood-stained videos.

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Man Scammed Out of $110,000 Tracks Down Criminals Himself

The above documentary, produced by an individual but of professional caliber, is nearly an hour long, but from the beginning it hooks you in and is well worth it. It’s the story of Keith Jones, who was scammed out of $110,000 by a fraudulent investment firm. Since law enforcement did not initially do much with the case, Jones decided to take matters into his own hands and tracked down the criminals himself. His adventure led him from his home in Australia to Thailand.

The Real-Life Walter White: Best Meth Cook in Alabama

Real-Life-Walter-WhiteIn 2008, while the fictional Walter White first began building his methamphetamine empire on AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad, a real meth chef by the same name was arrested for manufacturing and trafficking the drug in Alabama. White was featured in a VICE documentary released yesterday about his adventures as one of the best crystal meth cooks in the state.

“My name is Walter White and I’m a meth cook,” White said in the documentary. “For 10 years I had the best meth in Alabama. If you wanted the best meth, you had to come this way, you had to come to me.”

White added at the height of his meth-making and drug-selling business, he was making several thousand dollars a day.

Alabama’s real meth chef Walter White featured in VICE Magazine documentary on his crimes and recovery (video) [via All Alabama]

How Did Tom Hardy Transform into Bane in Dark Knight Rises?

Tom-Hardy1Remember Tom Hardy from Inception? How hard was it to believe that this same guy transformed himself into the character of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? And a transformation it was. This good article gives an outline as to how Hardy changed his body not once but several times for his various roles, from playing the part of jailhouse fighter Bronson, to a lean and muscular MMA fighter in Warrior, to the Batman’s arch nemesis in the final flick of the trilogy. For both Bronson and Warrior, Hardy worked out daily, but one important difference was in diet: to prepare for Bronson, Hardy ate practically whatever he wanted, from chicken and rice to pizza and ice cream, all to help gain weight. For the shredded look of an MMA fighter, however, Hardy survived on chicken and broccoli all day, which allowed him to get strong but lose fat. And finally, to play the part of Bane, although Hardy has not publicly released his diet/training regimen, many believe he followed a relatively simple, yet challenging 5×5 training regimen concentrating on the core lifts: bench press, deadlift, and squat.
Tom Hardy Workout [via Men’s Health]


[ARTICLE & PHOTO] Obiwan Kenobi Arrested for Hit & Run

This is old, but it’s funny. This is the California driver’s license of one Obiwan Kenobi, whose real name used to be Benjamin Cale Feit before he legally changed it. He did so in response to a 1999 contest sponsored by a local radio station in which it gave $1,000 to the first person who changed their name to the Star Wars character, as part of a promotion of the re-release of Star Wars Episode 1 (it’s not clear if he actually even won, but it is clear he never changed his name). Kenobi was arrested earlier this year after crashing his vehicle into another car and causing a five car pileup, before fleeing the scene.

The Police Force Is With Him: Obiwan Kenobi Busted On Hit-And-Run Charge [via The Smoking Gun]

[ARTICLE, VIDEO, & PHOTO] Ghostbusters Firehouse to Close Due to Budget Cuts

The iconic New York City firehouse, Hook & Ladder 8, from the movie Ghostbusters, has been slated for closure as a result of budget cuts. A Facebook fan page has sprung up in the last 48 hours which seeks to save the movie landmark and has already garnered more than 2,000 supporters.

About three years ago Volkswagon released the following hilarious commercial of a mock firefighter from Ladder 8 firehouse.