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Gone in Sixty Seconds: This Tow Truck Must Have the Speed Record

Hit the jump for video from the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport of a security tow truck removing a parked car IN LESS THAN A MINUTE by forklifting the car onto the truck’s tow bed. Not only is it much faster than the traditional way, but possibly safer for the car as well.  Ingenious.  How come we don’t do that everywhere?  The tow truck may have been an element of heightened airport security, as the video was apparently shot in August 2015, just two months after three suicide bombers attacked Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, killing 41 people and injuring 239.  The YouTube user who posted the video (link below) said the truck drove by every five minutes. Continue reading Gone in Sixty Seconds: This Tow Truck Must Have the Speed Record

BMW’s Self-Balancing, Crash-Proof Motorcycle Concept

BMW has unveiled a concept for a future advanced motorcycle that would be so safe the rider would not need a helmet or other safety clothing.  Along with a range of technological improvements, it would have anti-tipping self-balancing technologies that would prevent the motorcycle from ever falling over.  (Honda has apparently already developed this, but its system comes into play at the very low speed of 3 mph or less).  The tires would even have “variable tread” that would automatically adjust to improve traction on the road.  Instead of a helmet, BMW envisions a visor with a heads up display that shows information about the motorcycle’s performance and road conditions.  Don’t get too excited just yet, though.  The motorcycle just a concept design and is not actually in production (nor has a prototype even been produced), but it’s intriguing to see what the company sees for the future.

BMW’s Shapeshifting, Crash-Proof Motorcycle Is the Future Of Two-Wheeled Mobility [via The Drive]

Grappler Police Bumper Fires Lasso to End Vehicle Pursuits

This is an interesting concept tool to help bring police vehicle pursuits to a quick end. (It might have been helpful to end the longest police pursuit ever, clocking in at over 600 miles of driving).  It’s a grappler police bumper that fires out a lasso that ties up one of the pursued vehicle’s back tires.  An alternative for when the PIT maneuver is not possible or there isn’t enough time to lay down spikes on the road ahead.  It’s also possible to release the lasso – but still leaving it tied to the tire – when it’s smarter for the two vehicles to not remain connected, such as in high speeds.  An interesting concept and alternative option but it’s not clear from the Peoria, AZ company’s website if it’s available for immediate purchase or still a prototype.  Hit the jump for a promotional video.

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Dashcam on Tesla Shows It Slowing Down as it Predicts Crash Ahead

Hit the jump below for what is supposedly dashcam video from a Tesla as it slows down, predicting (correctly) a car crash is just about to occur ahead. The Tesla computer system is capable of monitoring not only the movements of the car immediately in front, but several cars out. It’s not clear from the video where the accident occurred, but according to car blog Electrek, the incident happened in the Netherlands.

Tesla uploaded new software to its vehicles this year to improve its Autopilot self-driving system. Teslas now rely more on radar instead of other sensors, and they can now beam radar waves underneath the vehicle in front of it. The system is meant to detect if an unseen vehicle ahead of the one directly in front comes to a sudden stop, as this could lead to chain-reaction crash.

Fortunately, everyone in the overturned vehicle turned out to be okay.

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Driver Makes 240 Consecutive Green Lights

Noah’s supposed route, via The Verge.

The driver, Noah Forman made this drive in the early morning hours of December 6, 2016. It’s not completely clear that he was never speeding, but at least he doesn’t appear to be driving unsafely at any point.

There’s actually a whole science on how traffic lights are timed in New York City.

Watch as a driver in Manhattan makes 240 consecutive green lights via Fox News

Can You Buy Your Way Out of a CA Speeding Ticket?

In California, by making a donation to the 11-99 Foundation, you can get license plate frames that say “CHP 11-99 Foundation,” which is the full name of a charitable organization that supports California Highway Patrol officers and their families in times of crisis. Whether this means you can get out of a speeding ticket when pulled over has been a matter of some discussion.

On Officer.com, in a discussion about 11-99 frames (and fakes) mentioned earlier, a number of cops weighed in. Priceonomics is still trying to verify identities, so their statements could be fabrications. But it presents an intriguing perspective of officers’ potential views on the 11-99 frames.

A number of cops reported ignoring the license plate frames when they decided whether to pull over and ticket drivers. One cop describes a driver whose “first words” were about the stickers indicating the donations he made. When the driver insisted that they required big donations, the cop replied, “Well, paying for these citations shouldn’t be a problem.”

But some answers indicate that people have reason to believe that the frames will help them avoid tickets. In addition to the frames, the CHP 11-99 Foundation gives out membership cards to big donors. In reference to secondhand or fake frames, one cop wrote, “Unless you have the I.D. in hand when (not if) I stop you, no love will be shown.” Another added, “Ya gotta have more than just a license plate frame or a sticker.” The implication from these officers seems to be that buying a fake license plate frame is useless, but real donors will receive some leniency.

Can You Buy A License to Speed? [via Priceonomics]

WhatsBusy Shows Security Wait Times Before You Get to the Airport

Whats-Busy-Screenshot1Website WhatsBusy can show you how long you can expect to stand in line at any major airport depending on when you plan to arrive. Plug in what airport you’re flying out of, on what day and when you plan to arrive at the airport, and WhatsBusy will use historical data from the TSA and the airlines to give you an estimate of how long security wait times will be to help plan for the best time to arrive. In addition to the website, there is a free WhatsBusy iPhone app for download.

What’s Busy