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All NYC Cops to Have Body Cameras by 2019

By Ryan Johnson Source: Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Yesterday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city will outfit all NYPD patrol officers with  body cameras by 2019.    This past year, New York selected VieVu to provide 5,000 cameras, but the contract to supply cameras for all patrol units could reportedly be worth up to $250 million over 14 years.  This promise if kept means NYPD is looking to implement the country’s largest body camera program, with more than 20,000 officers outfitted with the surveillance capability.

Regardless of whether one agrees with the decision or not, the goal represents a marked departure from less than three months ago, when news reports indicated the NYPD did not have a single patrol officer on the streets with a body camera:

All New York City police will have to wear body cameras by end of 2019 [via The Verge]

Chicago Man Buries Shovel Thief’s Car in Snow

This is old, but still funny. A man in Chicago buried his neighbor’s car in snow with a snow blower after said neighbor borrowed a shovel from his front porch after a 2011 blizzard. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, if only the neighbor had returned the shovel. David Wells figured out who it was, as the shovel thief was caught in the act with a surveillance camera system for burglars Wells had set up on the exterior of his home.

Move Over Body Cameras: Gun Cameras for Police Officers

Source: Centinel Solutions

Police departments are testing a new gun-mounted camera technology that may become a competitor to the body cameras that are increasingly being deployed in agencies around the country.

Cameras on guns provide a better point of view than body-worn cameras, since they are usually aimed directly at the suspect and are less likely to be blocked when an officer shields their torso behind something, say proponents of the technology such as Centinel Solutions, one of the first companies to deliver the devices to police departments for testing.

The camera, mounted on the underside of the gun barrel, starts recording automatically whenever the firearm is drawn. As an additional safety feature, the drawing action also triggers an alert that is sent to the shift sergeant back at police headquarters, so officers can immediately signal when they are in trouble.

Motorcycle Riding Thief Steals Phone from Kung Fu Trucker, and Regrets It

In China, a motorcycle riding bandit brazenly stole a trucker’s cell phone but was soon on the receiving end of some gravity-defying kung fu moves by his intended victim.  The trucker has since become something of a national celebrity, who explained he was fed up after his phone had been stolen three times in recent months. Hit the jump for the video.

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Quite Possibly the Worst Shoplifter in the World

This thief tried to shoplift a 7 ft. long set of Venetian blinds from a Great Britain store by hiding it under his hooded jacket and down his pants.  Suffice it to say, he was followed by store security as he attempted to walk out, at which point he dropped the blinds and took off running.

CCTV captures ‘shoplifter’s’ hilarious attempt to ‘hide Venetian blind by stuffing it down back of his jacket’ [via The Mirror]

Canadian Police Use Cameras with Telephoto Lens to Catch Distracted Drivers

Canadian police have taken to using cameras with a telephoto lens to catch distracted drivers, from as far as 1.2 kilometers (0.7 miles) away. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have said they use the cameras all around British Columbia at strategic locations.  The reason for using the cameras is so police can observe from a safe distance and at the same time remain covert to catch drivers in the act of not paying attention to their driving (e.g. as a result of texting on their phone, putting on their make-up, etc.).

Getting ticketed in B.C. for distracted driving is no joke – fines went up last year to $543 for a first offense and $888 for a second one.

RCMP scoping out distracted drivers this long weekend — from 1.2 kilometers away [via CBC News]

Bad Santas Brawl and Steal Liquor

SantaCon has come to be an annual nation-wide December pub crawl with participants – men and women – dressed up in full Santa costume.  However, the event has become notoriously rowdy in recent years, especially in New York City.  Apparently the bad behavior was at its worst at an East Village bar that says a group of “a hundred” partying Santas looted all their booze, smashed bottles, and generally wrecked the place. They estimated $5,000 worth of damage was done.  No arrests were made, although over the course of the day in the city NYPD issued over 100 summonses for disorderly conduct.

SantaCon idiots invade neighborhood pub, destroy glassware and steal liquor [via NY Dail News]

Tokyo Police Use Drones with Nets to Capture Other Drones

Tokyo riot police have developed specialized drones complete with nets to capture suspicious drones that fly or hover too close to sensitive locations, such as Government buildings.

Riot police will control the camera-equipped interceptor drones to chase after private drones they feel may be spying on buildings, including the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe‘s office, and ensnare them in large nets before returning to the ground. Those controlling the force drone will first warn the suspicious drone’s operator to cease the flight, before pursuing them.

Hit the jump for video of one of them in action.

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Super Cool Dude Enjoying Just Another Day in Russia

Hit the jump for surveillance video of a guy sitting in a Russian restaurant (which according to the Russian news site Life News, is actually a club called Sagittarius in Vichuga, Ivanovskaya, Russia, about 230 miles east of Moscow) calmly sipping his drink as a group of 30-odd armed thugs storm the place to beat up a table full of people sitting across from him. Evidently unimpressed, he looks around a few times but won’t let the mayhem interfere with his plans for a relaxing afternoon.

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Robot Security Guards… Coming to a Parking Lot Near You

K5-Robot-Security-GuardMicrosoft is one of the first companies to begin using the K5, an autonomous robot security guard. Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus has been monitored this month by five of these 300-pound robots. The robots are armed with HD cameras, sensors, and alarms, but no weapons as of yet. The K5 is built by California firm Knightscope, and the goal to one day replace human security guards. Given that they can run for 24 hours straight on a single 20 minute charge, there is the potential for the K5 to be more cost-effective than hiring people for certain security functions. The K5 also has built in artificial intelligence that allows it to determine if it has encountered an emergency situation, in which case it can use one of its built-in sirens to attempt to keep the peace — or it can simply request headquarters to send a human to the scene. All in all a fascinating development for the future of physical security.

Here come the autonomous robot security guards: What could possibly go wrong? [via ExtremeTech]