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Statute of Liberty Underneath the Supermoon

A supermoon is a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.  A full moon at perigee is visually larger up to 14% in diameter and shines 30% brighter than one at its farthest point, or apogee. The most recent supermoon occurrence was on December 14, 2016.  The next supermoon will be on May 25, 2017.

New York College Students Find $40,000 in Couch and Return Money to Owner

Should-Have-Kept-the-MoneySo there are honest people still left in the world. Now making the rounds is this story of three SUNY college roommates found $40,800 in cash stuffed in a couch they bought from a Salvation Army thrift shop. (They reportedly starting looking through the cushions after finding the couch weirdly lumpy and uncomfortable). At first they cheered their luck for winning the lottery, but when they also found a deposit slip in the couch, they decided to track down the rightful owner. It turned out to be a 91-year-old woman whose (a little overly eager?) children had donated the couch to the Salvation Army when she had been hospitalized with health problems. To reward their honesty, the woman reportedly gave the trio $1,000.

New York roommates find $40,000 in sofa and return cash to owner [via The Guardian]

Remote Controlled Drone Flies and Drives (with no Driver)


Private company Advanced Tactics has been commissioned by he U.S. military to look into developing a remote-controlled vehicle that can take off like a helicopter, land, and then immediately drive off without a driver. The prototype, currently in testing, has eight rotors that fold into the body of the vehicle on land to make it more easy to drive. It has been developed to allow for delivering cargo into areas where traditional aircraft cannot go, plus has the advantage of not needing to send pilots into hazardous situations.

U.S. military look into remote controlled ‘helicopter truck transformers’ that can be sent on rescue missions WITHOUT a driver [via Daily Mail]

How Many Calories? Take a Tricorder Reading of Your Meal


Continuing a year of work, entrepreneur Isabel Hoffman is developing a new device that can scan food dishes in order to determine their caloric content as well as ingredients, in order to help those wanting to eat better and get into maximum physical condition, as well as to avoid certain ingredients due to allergies. The device is called TellSpec and is being funded via crowd funding website Indiegogo, where it far exceeded its $100,000 goal, receiving over $386,000. A mass spectrometer of sorts, it beams a low-powered laser to the food item in question and measures the photons which are reflected back to the device. Based on the wavelengths of the reflected photons, TellSpec then determines what chemical compounds the dish consists of. The device is expected to be available to the general public in August 2014 with an expected price tag of $350-$400, though Hoffman would like to see the cost go down to $50 within a few years so TellSpec is more accessible to the everyday (but very health-conscious) consumer.

Smaller Than Your Phone, This Device Could Keep You Healthy

Five Dollar App Can Turn Your iPhone into a Radiation Detector


For real. For just $4.99, you can download an app via Apple’s App Catalog that can turn your iPhone into a bona fide Geiger counter. Designed by Connecticut-based developer Image Insight, GammaPix uses your iPhone camera to scan an area for the presence gamma radiation. Specifically, it measures the frequency with which these rays hit the camera’s sensor to calculate radiation levels before warning the user if they are being exposed to harmful rays. The app was designed with support from the U.S Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and has been successfully tested in military exercises.

Could this app save you from nuclear death? Software detects RADIATION within seconds and alerts you if there is danger [via Daily Mail]

Epic Jeanne-Claude Van Damme Split Volvo Commercial


Though it cannot be see in the commercial, Van Damme, 53, was wearing safety equipment to prevent him from actually falling onto the pavement in the event the trucks veered further away from each other than anticipated. The ad was created to show off Volvo’s Dynamic Steering, and it was filmed in one take.

How Volvo Created the Jean-Claude Van Damme ‘Epic Split’ Video [via The Wall Street Journal]