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Just In Case Bras for Concealed Weapons or Pepper Spray

Booby Trap Bras offer sports bras and other activewear, called the Just In Case line, that allow the wearer to pull a concealed knife or pepper spray, in the event they ever find themselves needing to use it.  The company was reportedly launched by a Texas woman who says she was once attacked while jogging.  She managed to get away, but the incident propelled her to start the self-defense focused clothing line.

The Just In Case Knife Bra is a sports bra with a little pouch in the front that neatly fits a 3-inch blade.

It now retails for $55, with the knife sold separately.

For women who aren’t comfortable with knives, there’s the Just In Case Pepper Spray bra available for $50.

The company reportedly also offers an option for men in the form of a compression sleeve that can fit a phone and a knife.  It would probably be best for potential buyers to first research the local laws in their state/region to confirm any concealed items can be lawfully possessed and used.  Hit the jump for a video of an interview with the owner and creator demonstrating her defensive undergarment. Continue reading Just In Case Bras for Concealed Weapons or Pepper Spray

A Litte Bit of History: The U.S. Once Tried Using Pigeons as Smart Bombs

Source: Project Pigeon

During World War II, bombing runs were made by the armed air forces of both sides.  However, accuracy was a major problem, as at the time bombs would often miss the intended target by a distance measured in miles, not feet.  As a result, a massive number of bombs and planes needed to be used to ensure at least some of the bombs hit their targets.  To combat this, the U.S. at one point considered using pigeons as smart bombs, as crazy an idea as that may seem.  The pigeon guided bomb project was eventually dropped, however, not necessarily because it wouldn’t have worked but because of more general funding issues.  Project Pigeon was revived by the Navy in 1948, but it was canceled five years later when the reliability of electronic guidance systems was proven.

That Time the U.S. Tried to Steer Bombs with Pigeons [via Popular Mechanics]

Craziest Weapons People Have Tried to Take Through Airport Security

So it turns out the TSA documents some of the weapons, fake weapons, and other prohibited items it takes off people passing through airport security and posts them on the agency’s Instagram account.  With more than 650,000 followers, Rolling Stone has ranked it as the fourth best account on Instagram.  (Clicking on each of the photos below will take you straight to how it appears on Instagram).

#TSATravelTips – Don’t pack your homemade replica suicide vest. The traveler who packed this vest in his checked bag at Richmond (RIC) stated it was a prop intended for use in a live-action role-playing game (LARP). TSA explosives experts raced to the checked baggage room and the airport police were called immediately. Fortunately, the explosives experts determined the vest posed no danger. It has yet to be determined if the officer who searched the bag needed a change of clothing.


This 4-bladed throwing star was discovered in a carry-on bag at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). These must be packed in your checked bags. Sorry Prince Colwyn. #Krull


Is this some kind of confangled rotisserie contraption for turkeys? Nope. These are Sai. If you’re a #TeenageMutantTurtle fan, you’ll know the Sai as Raphael’s weapon or choice. If you still have no clue, a Sai is a weapon used for striking, bludgeoning and punctures. Whatever it is you use them for, please know they must be packed in checked baggage. These were discovered in a carry-on bag at Boise (BOI). #TheMoreYouKnow


While about to receive a pat-down after opting out of body scanner screening, a Chicago O’Hare (ORD) traveler remembered that he had a throwing knife necklace under his shirt. All knives are prohibited and concealed knives can lead to fines and arrest. #TSAGoodCatch

Hit the jump for more crazy photos.
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Indian Riot Police to Use Chili-Loaded Slingshots and Pepper Spray Drones

Police in India to Use Pepper-Spraying Drones on Crowds via Heavy.com

Police in northern India will begin to use chili-powder-loaded slingshots to combat protesters.  Officers in Haryana state near New Delhi will use the slingshots as a “non-lethal way” to diffuse violent crowds.  According to police inspector general of Hisar district, Anil Kumar Rao, who devised the idea, this is a better option than using even plastic bullets, as the latter can still result in severe injuries.

This comes as police in the northern Indian city of Lucknow last year used pepper-spraying drones for the first time as a tool for crowd control.

Could World War III Be Started by Accident?

A new documentary, Command and Control, premiers on Jan. 10 on PBS and takes a look at the terrifying prospect of an American nuclear weapon accidentally detonating on – U.S. soil.  It also examines the likelihoods of false alarms, including the following incident from  June 3, 1980:

President Jimmy Carter’s national-security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, was asleep in Washington, D.C., when the phone rang. His military aide, General William Odom, was calling to inform him that two hundred and twenty missiles launched from Soviet submarines were heading toward the United States. Brzezinski told Odom to get confirmation of the attack. A retaliatory strike would have to be ordered quickly; Washington might be destroyed within minutes. Odom called back and offered a correction: twenty-two hundred Soviet missiles had been launched.

Brzezinski decided not to wake up his wife, preferring that she die in her sleep. As he prepared to call Carter and recommend an American counterattack, the phone rang for a third time. Odom apologized—it was a false alarm. An investigation later found that a defective computer chip in a communications device at norad headquarters had generated the erroneous warning. The chip cost forty-six cents.

The documentary is based on a 2013 nonfiction book of the same name by Eric Schlosser about the history of nuclear weapons systems in the United States.

World War Three, By Mistake [via The New Yorker]

Five Modern Countries Where the Police Don’t Carry Guns – And it Works for Them

An article in the Washington Post from earlier this year offers a good rundown of five countries – Britain, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, and New Zealand, where the police do not normally carry guns.  In Britain, since 1991 they have had specialized armed response units for incidents that require one, but as of a few years ago armed officers only represented approximately four percent of the total police force.  Why this is appears to be largely cultural and historical, as even most British police officers do not want to carry guns in the course of duty.  This seems to be true across all of these countries.  Remarkably Iceland is the 15th most armed country in the world, with nearly a third of the population owning firearms, but the violent crime rate is still very low in the Nordic country of 300,000.  Are Icelanders simply more peaceful than Americans? According to sociologist Guðmundur Oddsson, an assistant professor of sociology at Northern Michigan University, as quoted in the Post, “Iceland’s low crime rates are rooted in the country’s small, homogeneous, egalitarian and tightly knit society.” Norway also has an extremely low murder rate.  Meanwhile, in New Zealand, “only a dozen or so” police officers nationwide carry firearms at any given time, and in Ireland, only a quarter of Irish police officers are even qualified to use firearms.

5 countries where most police officers do not carry firearms — and it works well [via The Washington Post] and Why British police don’t have guns [via BBC News]

Georgia Passes Law Allowing Guns at Airports, Bars, and Churches

From the Christian Science Monitor:

At a picnic spot in north Georgia, Governor Deal signed a bill that allows gun owners who have permits to carry their weapons almost everywhere in the state except the state Capitol building. That includes bars, churches, and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest in the world.

Business owners in Georgia can opt to keep their stores gun-free if they so choose, under the new law.

As many as 8 million Americans have concealed carry permits. The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, in Newtown, Conn., prompted some states to enact tighter gun-control measures, but in the end, states enacted many more laws to expand the rights of their residents to carry weapons for self-defense.

While residents can carry guns inside airport terminals in Georgia, they cannot take their weapons through security to the gates.

The law also lowers the age for concealed carry in Georgia from 21 to 18. That’s the legal age to become a soldier in the United States, Deal noted.

Tactically Sound: Bowen Belt Knife


The Bowen Belt Company makes some handy knives that can be stored unnoticed as a fully functional part of your belt. The knife can be quickly detached from the belt in the event you encounter a threat situation. Fashionable yet tactically sound… and the handle end even works as a bottle opener (not a bad conversation piece for your next barbecue). Note: Beware of your respective state’s laws regarding the use of such knives.

New and Improved Credit Card Knife


Ian Sinclair Design recently released a new and improved version of their Cardsharp, a credit card size pocket knife that fits neatly in your wallet when not in use. Cardsharp4 is now made from ultralight aluminum instead of the plastic used in previous versions. Other improvements include: a two-stage safety lock, a new Zytel rivet for connecting the blade to the body, and new spring-loaded hinges to keep the Cardsharp4 flat while folded up into a card.

http://www.iainsinclair.com/en/cardsharp4-natural.html [via Product Website: Ian Sinclair Design]